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Track Specifications

Code Description  
HTR/CS HTR / CS track fixed to walls using concealed screw spacer clips (CSSC). Spacer clips include. Track snap fits over clips. Availabe in powder-coated white or anodised (silver) finish.
Length: 3.0m. Spacer clips included with track.
PT Pelmet is designed to slip over HT track to provide a clean unobtrusive finish. Pelmet is 1.5mm thick rigid PVC, white in colour to blend with cornice / ceiling. May be painted (acrylic paint) to match walls.
Unit length: 2.02m
HT Aluminium wall track is supplied in 2m lengths. Easily installed as track is screwed directly to wall. HT track in mill finish is "hidden " by PT pelmet. Alternatively, it can be painted to match walls.
Length: 2.0m
TR TR track for fixing to ceilings is available in an anodised finish.
Length: 3.0m
HTG Track guide for HT or HTR/CS track  
HTHF Track guide for HT track fixed horizontally  
DCTF Track guide for TR (ceiling) track  

The Flexi Display System is suitable for domestic and office interiors, galleries, cafes and showrooms.

More importantly, it’s versatile. There is a choice of different applications - so whatever the situation there is a product to suit.

What makes this system so desirable and essential is that it’s...

discrete - Wall tracks HT and HTR/CS project only 10mm (11.5mm for PT/HT) from the wall. The slimline profile ensures minimal visual impact especially when installed under cornices (see options 1 and 2). In new dwellings or renovations, HT wall track and TR ceiling track can be installed in the shadowline so that track is hidden (see options 3 and 4).

flexible - Artwork can be quickly and easily moved or rearranged on walls to create a different style or ambience to a room. Hanging a triptych or a bank of pictures is a quick and simple operation as there is no problem in adjusting picture height and spacing to produce a level and symmetrical display. Stainless steel or monofilament nylon cables are strong and interchangeable.

easily installed - HT track is fastened directly to wall for quick & simple installation. HTR/CS track is snap-fitted over concealed screw spacer clips.

affordable - There’s no minimum order quantities. You only need to order quantities to meet your immediate needs. Should your art collection increase in time, more track and components can be ordered. It makes good sense and you’ll save more than cents in using this system!

Products are designed and manufactured in Australia (except HTR/CS which is produced in New Zealand.)

Fitting in TR track. Suitable for applications where flexibility of adding or removing cables is required. Protrudes ~ 20mm from track.

Fitting in TR track. Suitable for applications where cable does not need to be tensioned. Protrudes ~5mm from track.

HT track may be fixed to top of a partition. Leave a 8mm gap between sections to permit HTHF track guide to be inserted. MC cable is placed in HTHF guide and guide is slid to required position along the track.

Track guide for HT track or HTR / CS track.

Leave a 15mm gap between each track length (every 2m) so that HTG track guides can be inserted or removed.

install gyprock ceiling to abut track.

CTF, CBF and CAD can be screwed to desired position in the track with HN nuts.

Bracket to fix Standard Cable Top & Bottom Fixings to Vertical Track


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