Hooks and Fittings

Cable Picture Hook for paintings or panels.

1. Insert track guide attached to cable into gap between sections of the track and slide to desired position.
2. insert hook on cable and slide to approximate height. Tighten grub screws with allen-key provided.
3. Place picture frame cross-wire into slot in hook. For wide (>750mm) or heavy paintings, using two cables and hooks is recommended. To create a bank of pictures , slide desired number of hooks on each cable, taking care not to exceed total weight capacity of the cable.
4. To adjust picture height, remove picture, loosen grub screw, slide hook to new position and tighten grub screw. Note: Pictures may tend to tilt forward if cross-wires are positioned too low.

Cable Support for screw mounting frames or panels.

1. Screw one frame plate to each side at the back of the picture frame.
2. Insert cable and slide to desired height. Tighten grub screw s using allen-key provided.
3. to adjust picture height , release grub screws of one plate, taking care to support the weight of the painting. Move frame plate along cable to new position and tighten screws. Repeat for other side.

Clutch Hook