Cable Supports

CV series | CV3 / CDV3

Side support for a single (CV3) and double (CDV3) 3mm thick panels.

CV3: Size: 19 mm (L) x 11mm Ø

CDV3: Size: 30 mm (L) x 11mm Ø These components will support acrylic poster sleeves.

CHV series

Used to provide vertical or horizontal support for signs or shelving of varying thickness:

Up to 6mm: CHV6 (15mm Ø)

Up to 10mm: CHV10 (19mm Ø)

Up to 14mm: CHV14 (22mm Ø)

All components are 17mm (L)

CSW series / CDSW series

Yoke "swivels" and can be locked at any angle. The CSW series components side support single signs and shelving of varying thickness. The CDSW series support two adjacent signs or shelving:

up to 6mm: CSW6 / CDSW6 (15 mm Ø)

up to 10 mm: CSW10 / CDSW10 (19 mm Ø)

up to 14mm: CSW14 / CDSW14 (22 mm Ø)

CSW components: 17mm (L).

CDSW components: 40mm (L).


Top support for 3mm thick panels.

Size: 25mm (L) x 11mmØ


This component may be attached to top of signs and provides easy adjustment of cable to desired length. Excess cable is trimmed. CAD can also be used as a neat ceiling fixture to support cable.
Size: 32mm (L) x 17mm Ø; Fixing hole: 4mmØ


"Through panel" support for panels up to 14 mm thick. Cable is support behind panel.

Panel hole: 11 mm Ø
CG pin: 19 mm Ø; protrudes 6mm


Provides "under shelf" support for cable running through shelf.

Size: 23mm (L); 15 mmØ


Cable Tube Support for 19mm Chrome Tube.


Cable Under & Over Support for glass or panel.
Available in 6mm, 10mm, 14mm







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